My husband and I spent our honeymoon in Bhutan, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. Wonderful hotels, very interesting cultural sites and great recommendations from Cantik. We felt the entire time taken care of and enjoyed therefore every single minute of our trip. It made all the difference. We are very much looking forward to more trips with Cantik Travel.






You have done a fantastic job organizing our trip and providing us with so much useful information.  I am so impressed by the attention that we have received and your accessibility.

Everything went smoothly due to all the hard work you did to organize our trip.  We really appreciated the variety of activities that you planned. Needless to say, you have set a very high bar for any future trip.



Washington DC., USA



II felt like you were with us the whole way. Thank you for helping me plan the most amazing 4 months of our lives.



San Francisco, CA., USA



I concur with Luis. You did an amazing job with this trip. Considering the number of flights and hotels and tour guides and other daily challenges you faced in booking this, the end result was a fascinating journey that has made a lasting impression on both of our lives.

A stellar performance!



San Francisco, CA., USA