Memories last longer than things. Travel is so much more than organizing a trip with flights and lodging. A simple trip can be just that or it can become an adventure that offers experiences, some planned, others unexpected which will provide lifetime memories. We can purchase many items in our lifetime, some will give us more pleasure than others, but the memories from a journey can never be erased or taken away. We create itineraries that are bespoke and unique. We know that everyone’s idea of a perfect trip is different, so we truly listen to the clients’ desires and expectations and then make it happen by executing an itinerary with attention to every detail. Our original focus was Asia, but as we now have many repeat clients and with the knowledge we have acquired, it has encouraged us to become global. To best serve our clients , we only work with colleagues around the world who are experienced and share a philosophy similar to ours. Give us the opportunity to make your dreams a reality and give you a tailor made travel experience that will become part of you and your most cherished memories. Acknowledgments: Cantik has benefitted from the relationships with many people for which we are grateful. Many of our clients and friends have kindly provided photographs that now, not only are part of their memories, but also a testimony of the experiences that Cantik has provided for them. Our special thanks to all of them.